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News released - Cleanups and bug fixes... - May 29, 2004

I've included James McBride's listings.pl fixes to incorporate functionality for the new xmltv tv_grab_na_dd tv listings grabber. I've also updated many files and completed some long awaited code cleanups. Among those cleanups I managed to find several bugs of one form or another that I was able to repair. I've uploaded all of the changes into a file release, as well as updated the individual files in CVS (beware, CVS won't show the updates for 24 hours).

ChuckW released - A plethora of bug fixes... - July 17, 2003

It's been a while since a new release. This one includes an RPM of the latest and greatest. The RPM has some patches to the pristine source that allow it to be installed without any interaction. You still have to run listings.pl once the RPM is installed though. What was fixed/changed? A ton of stuff. I'm tired and i'm going to bed... Check CVS if you really want to know that bad. Or better yet, send me a script to dump the CVS comments to a release notes file (I'm sure there are hundreds of them in existance already...).

ChuckW released - Yep, another bug... - April 15, 2003

Seems that working to avoid my taxes had some reprocussions. If you downloaded, you're probably having a hard time installing. Download and your problems should be fixed.

ChuckW released - Last minute bug fix... - April 14, 2003

I considered doing my taxes tonight (in the US we have an April 15th deadline to pay our taxes to the government), but decided it was more important to release some fixes :) listings.pl wasn't able to download North American listings. Thanks to Chad "Bear" Phillips for submitting the fix.

ChuckW released - Bug fixes and small feature additions - April 9, 2003

Support has been added for Swedish/Norwegian listings and textual names now show up in show.php. Bug fixes include end times in in the listings menu and removal of the duplicate cron job problem in RedHat linux systems.


Greetings! - February 11, 2003

My name is Chuck Wolber and I will be taking over the WebVCR+ project. Pyroman[FO] did a lot of great work and I am honored to be able to continue on with the it. I'm pretty excited about the possibilities for this project. Please excuse the mess while I get unpacked and settled in here.


Help Found - Febuary 5, 2003

I found someone to take over the project, as well as two other people who want to help with the code. WebVCR+ looks like its going to be in pretty good hands, so as soon as I get these people admin access they can post on the front page and tell us about themselves.


Help Needed - Febuary 4, 2003

I am getting to the point where I don't have enough time to work on this project, so I need someone to take over. If you are interested, please drop me an email. If you just want to help with the project, you can also send me an email. If you want to help, you will need to know PHP, Perl and SQL, and be able to read some very hacked up code :) I will try to stay around and help as much as possible, but I can't work on the code very much if at all. Ill still monitor the forums and email to help where I can. To anybody whos helped with or used WebVCR+, thanks for your help and support. Its been a blast. Hopefully its not over yet!


Final Critical Bug Fix Version - January 28, 2003

Okay, it is now working, because I just ran it myself (which I thought I did before, but its a long story :). Get the latest version at the Download page.


Another Critical Bug Fix Version - January 27, 2003

Very stupid but still critical typo kept from working, get latest version at the Download page.


Obligatory Critical Bug Fix Version - January 27, 2003

Okay, fixed bug with listings not updating, also updated about page and mencoder command line, all should work now. Get it at the Download page.


New Version 0.9.2 - January 26, 2003

A couple of new features and bugfixes. Now when WebVCR+ records a file, it also outputs a XMLTV file for it, so that the data such as start time, description and channel are saved. What does this do for the average user? Nothing! However, now library.php or another program can read that xml file and get extended information about programs already recorded. Also, added support for tv_grab_uk, so now our friends from accros the pond can join in. The Video Save Directory has been restructured. Now it works like this.

SaveDirectory/data holds things like the log files, and the listings file.
SaveDirectory/unconverted holds unconverted files, if thats enabled
SaveDirectory/ holds all the converted and otherwise final videos.

As a result, the location of the listings file is no longer user configurable, just seemed sorta useless. Now its standard, SaveDirectory/data/listings.xml.
Fixed the "edit" page, and a few other minor bugfixes. Get it at the Download page.


Fixed Version - January 13, 2003

Obviously not enough bugfixes in the previous version :) Now setup.pl works. Really, for real this time. Get it at the Download page.


New Version 0.9.1 - January 12, 2003

Alot of bugfixes in this version, xawtv channel changing, mencoder command line problems, station names in now.php as well as many other bugs. New features as well, you can now select whether or not to record Reruns in your favorites. This directly corresponds to the XMLTV previously-shown tag, so if a program isnt marked that is a rerun, its not our fault! Its probably not XMLTV's fault either, the TV channels themselves tend to not mark reruns as such in thier listings. Anyways, check it out at the Download page.


Bugfixes in - December 20, 2002

There are a couple of bugfixes in, the listings.pl had the XMLTV updating commented out, which caused it to never update the listings! Also, a minor bug with mencoder and the recorder.php page was fixed. Check it out at the Download page.


New 0.9.0 released, Channel, Day and Time settings for Favorites supported! - December 17, 2002

I got a break from school and so I decided to roll in several requests and patches from users. The most important is the improved Favorites support, now you can specify a Day of the week, time or channel for a Favorite. This will cause the Favorite to only be recorded when it meets the settings you specify. Favorites also update better when changed, so there are fewer inconsistencies. A "Movies Running Today" button was added, and now listings will use the icons from zap2it to display the stations. This can be turned off in the settings if it is too slow for your connection. The "Now on TV" page will no longer display random spacing and sizing errors, so all listings should be consistently displayed. I also added mencoder support, which is part of the Mplayer package. Check out the new features at the Download page.


XMLTV Broken, fix in thier CVS - November 22, 2002

XMLTV has been broken by changes in zap2it.com's page layout. However, they have a fix in their CVS which you can get by following the instructions here. Also, I have a few neat features in our CVS, now you can click on the name of a program and see detailed information about it.

Pyroman[FO] released, First round of bug fixes - October 20, 2002

I fixed the bug where the main page wouldnt display the new database correctly, and also fixed the problem with listings.pl not running at all (sorry!). Get it here!


0.8.0 released, Major feature upgrades - October 16, 2002

I figured Id make the new version 0.8.0 because of all the major features I had added since 0.7.0, really, it should be like 1.0 but I wanted to work the bugs out first. First on the list of new features is searching, thanks to chad phillips. He also added categories straight from the xmltv file. Then, I added a config setting to let the user control how many days worth of listings were displayed on the main page. Finally, I fixed the bug with setup.pl that kept the INSTALL_DIR from being set properly in the perl and shell scripts. Check it out, here!

Pyroman[FO] is out, Interface changes - October 6, 2002

I changed a few things with the interface, as per request from a few users. First the "Now on TV" page now has <- and -> buttons to select the next and previous 3 hours in the schedule, it makes sense when you see it :) Also, the list of pages on that page has been moved to the top. The Movies page no longer lets you select a movie as a favorite, as that just seems sorta useless to me, you can still make a movie a favorite from the schedule viewer, however. I fixed a potential bug in the recording of favorites versus normal non-favorite programs. Anyways, give it a peek at the Download page.

Pyroman[FO] released, back to back recording fixed - September 9, 2002

This version just has a bugfix to fix the back to back recording problem. I finally tracked it down, so if you record two programs back to back they should actually be recorded now. Check it out at the Download page.

Pyroman[FO] released, also HOWTO available - September 3, 2002

Download the new version if you are having problems with an unresolved sql_squash function, get it at the Download page. Also I have a howto up for your viewing pleasure. Ill add a link on the sidebar, under Documentation.


0.7.5 released! Install MUCH simpler - September 1, 2002

I released another version, which mainly cleans up alot of legacy code and simplifies the install process greatly. Also, the command line recorder can be specified from the web interface now, so adding your own video recorder is easier than ever. The program doesnt support listings from anywhere but xmltv now, so you dont have to configure that or update the channel list anymore. The crontab stuff is also automatic. Those of you currently using the program may not notice many differences, but those new to it will appreciate the new installer. Go check it out at Download page!


Update again - Major bug :( - August 25, 2002

Sorry about this, but it seems recording from the web interface can give you some very wierd results with 0.7.4. Please go to the Download page and get the updated version. If you dont want to run init.php again, just copy lib/functions.php and recorder.php over, that should fix the problems.


Update - New Logo! - August 23, 2002

I hope you like the new logo, I finally got an idea and went with it. I also included this logo in the new version up for download. See ya.


Version 0.7.4 Released! - Prioritized Favorites - August 23, 2002

The newest version of the program is up on the Download page. It now adds prioritized favorites, so you can set your favorites to have priority over other favorites. That way when you update the listings the programs you want recorded most will get recorded first. I also fixed a few bugs, and changed the install process slightly so that it doesnt delete your favorites or configuration. Go check it out and talk about it in the Forums


Version 0.7.3 Released! - August 9, 2002

WebVCR+ 0.7.3 is now available on the Download page. It now only records one episode of a show at a time, so if, lets say, Buffy the Vampire Slayer shows 3 times a day, but its the same episode every time, it only schedules to record the show once. Also, when updating the listings shows will no longer be recorded if conflicting. Also the interface to the Video Library was updated, it now lets you browse subfolders. Several other minor bugfixes, just check the changelog for more. If you need anything just check out the Mailing Lists or Forums!


New Version Released! - July 17, 2002

There is a new version available on the Download page. It has the new file conversion abilities, as well as some bug fixes. I think I will start cleaning up the code next, as the program works pretty well now and does what I want it to. If you need anything just check out the Mailing Lists or Forums!


Updates to CVS - July 12, 2002

Well, Ive been busy cranking away at the codebase. On the CVS you will find a script to automatically convert files to a format of your choosing. I am currently using it to convert the MJPEG files output from lavrec into Divx. It will automatically detect idle time that you are not recording and use that time to convert files. It requires FFMPEG. Soon it will be rolled into the official version, but for now Im off to vacation, see ya!


New Version 7.1.0 Released - July 8, 2002

This new version adds the modular recording interface, as well as support for several types of channel changing programs, and ALOT of bug fixes :) Have fun! Get it at the download page. A Howto is coming soon, hopefully.


Site Opened - Initial Release!

The site has officially been opened! Also, the intial release of WebVCR+ has been posted. Im pretty pleased with how this initial version turned out, let me know what you think in our forums!


I am going to write up a basic howto for installing WebVCR+ on Linux and Windows (if I can get it to work on Windows). If anyone would like to help with documentation just see the Jobs page.